Welcome to Buddha Coolers CBD beverages

Welcome to Buddha Coolers CBD beverages

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Buddha Coolers are a premium CBD infused, lightly sparkling beverage that is carefully blended by our team of  expert Mixologist. We have created four delicious "Spa Inspired" Flavors that are low in calorie and naturally sweetened to satisfy the body, mind and spirit. 

There are  many benefits of Hemp Derived CBD which is  non-psycho active and a legal alternative to medical marijuana. CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in  hemp plants, which has been found to be extremely effective for pain relief, anxiety, and a number of other disorders.

Our Story


As a California girl, growing up on the sun-drenched beaches in Malibu, I’ve always understood how important it is to stay healthy, cool and hydrated! 

I've spent a lifetime committed to my career in the Fashion Industry as an Activewear Designer and Brand Director because of my passion for health, fitness, beauty and overall well-being. When I started learning about the incredible benefits of CBD I felt compelled to create a beverage that is refreshing, healthy AND delicious! Buddha Coolers can be enjoyed as a "social use" beverage alternative to alcohol that is actually good for you! 

Our Mission


Our mission is to bring you a premium  CBD infused, hemp derived beverage that is refreshing, healthy, satisfying, and delicious! We are committed to using natural ingredients in a unique blend that is truly euphoric to the palate.

 If we can bring a little bit of peace and a lot of pleasure to each and every customer then we have succeeded!

We are very passionate about sharing information regarding the health benefits of our premium CBD and are looking forward to sharing  Buddha Coolers with you...Cheers!



Jerry Grad, Palm Springs,Ca.USA

The package caught my eye so I decided to give it a try! I'm hooked  because of the refreshing taste & relaxing feeling that  I get.


Donna Leyva, Malibu,Ca.USA

"I love the pretty packaging & spa inspired flavors !


Mauricio Pier, Beverly Hills,Ca.USA

"The  flavors are delicious!.Great variety & perfectly sparkling which I love to use as a mixer with my vodka!

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